Friday, October 16, 2009

Ok now that I have wiped away my happy tears, I want to mention what i just saw. A week ago I was on Steffs blog, and saw the mini she made for Joyce,
and was AMAZED. Both these beautiful women are VERY,VERY,VERY talented. I am in awe EVERYTIME I see Joyces work. And then I was MORE in awe when I just saw Steffs mini for her. Now today I saw Joyce talking about her mini recieved by Steff and.... I am so happy that these two women were able to capture such a beautiful moment through their wonderful talent.
We all have this Passion for scrappin and it is sooooo nice to how these two women incorporated such beautiful work into their minis. Great Job girls. I am sooo happy to see how happy the 2 of you are and I am honoured to see your work and learn... THANK YOU.


Stephanie said...

Lisa!!! * BLUSH * ....
wow! Thank you for the very sweet words... You know Lisa... I have to say... It warms my heart to blog hop and see beautiful treasures, learn fun techniques, cry with our fellow crafters, laugh and giggle with each other, etc.. but the greatest thing about craft is sharing. Sharing = putting a smile on someone's face, warming their heart, making them feel good when you have no idea "how their doing". Sharing by words, actions, whatever! I love it! Our day to day lives are so filled with ups and downs.. and its nice when during one of those 'down times' theres someone there to help!
Lisa!! THANK YOU for all your kindness, sharing and super fun posts! Your very talented and YOU are a pleasure!!
with a grin,

weeziechk said...

Lisa - Your statement is ever so true - it's amazing the way our love of scrappin' puts us in touch with so many whose souls contain the vision to create and share - I, like Steff, never feel alone - always there's someone to chat with, someone sharing ideas, and someone who can motivate - I feel such a kinship to my trade buddies, the wonderful gals who share their talent thru kits - the scrappin' world is a great place to be - Scrappin' Sistahs are the best!!!

New Video Camera from Hubby

New Video Camera from Hubby

Layout I made the other night. Here's Felicia's 1st boo-boo. She was so good, she didn't even cry, But she was so darn cute. Just had to scrap it!!!

Finished Clock :) I had fun putting this together. I new a wanted a pic of my baby girl and I HAD to put Owls. So cute. I like the way it turned out.

New clock for my scrapbook room. I plan to add photo's and embelishments . Hope it turns out well. I thought it was the perfect design for my room. Cute idea eh? I'll post a photo once it is done.

Picture of me and my layout that was posted in Canadain Scrapbooking Magazine

My layout in Canadian Scrapbooking Magazine

Kleenex Box Inspiration

Layout I made inspired from this Kleenex box

Owl pictures for Felicia's future bedroom, made them myself. Cute eh.

I had mentioned that I make fabric covered albums. So I took a photo to show you. This is the fabric I chose for Felicia. I chose the animal theme becasue that is what I had put in her room when we got it "ready for baby". And i couldn't resist, look how cute they are.

The albums I made in the past consisted of a page for all the holiday and special occassions throught out the year. So for my daughters albums I did the same and more. I am in the process of making a 3rd album just to fit all my layouts in. This is a layout I made with her newpaper clipping and her beautiful new born face and her name. Sorry the colour is so light. I also made pages to record all the special moments and milstones for the year.

I "HAD" to scrapbook this picture of my baby girl. Isn't she just so cute without any teeth. Its funny to look back at pictures and see all they didn't have or couldn't do. I plopped her up on pillows and grabbed the camera. At that time it was so easy to take a picture, now that she is ONE, ha...

Every month, for the whole year, I took a picture of my daughter in front of a huge stuffed giraffe we have to see her growth. On this particular day she was smiling away at daddy who just happen to walk in while our little photo shoot.I just had to scrapbook it, she looks so sweet. I used paper to pick up on the red outfit she is wearing and I used the paper glaze to highlight some of the dots on the paper.The letters are felt stickers.

In this layout, I just experimented with my coloured paper. Nothing special I did here. I loved her feet and had to scrapbook it :) Oh wait I did use a few rubons from stampin up and I put paper glaze on the words to make them a little glossy.

This layout was inspired by Marion from A piece of craft .com. She does amazing work and I had to try this layout. I didn't have some of the things she had so I inprovised. I tried to use the colours from the photo.This pic was taken on my daughter 1st birthday, mommy holding back the tears as everyone sang.

I used this pattern paper for inspiration here. I used the qiuckutz to cut my spiral and glued several layers together to gift it a 3D effect and I also embossed the xoxo chipboards in white. Daddy and Felicia on Canada Day.

Yay!!! I finally did it. This is one of my fav. layouts of my baby girl. I love the black & white photo and the punch of pink from the flower.

This was Felicia's 1st Canada Day, I just had to scrapbook it. I also recently purchased "The Squeeze" hand tool and used it for my layout.

I placed a red bow on her sunhat for the day and later used it for my layout. Our Walmart recently received new Kodak picture kiosks and I love that I can make my photo's so tiny.You can fit so much more on a 81/2 x 11 layout.

I love how the colour of the phot turned out in this picture, I had bought this paper a while ago and was finally able to use it. I think the two work well together.

Card I made for my mom with my new Cuttlebug that she bought for me for my bday (Dad too). Love it!!!

Another card using the cuttlebug!