Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm so not good.....

with keeping this blog up to date. Where does the time go? It is now August and it is almost over. I've been working on a few projects. I made a mini for a swap. Summer mini. I used a circle shape album to represent the sun. It was fun to use that shape. I swaped and she enjoyed it. I recieved a nice mini in return. I am to put pictures of my 10yr Anni. One day I will get to it. I just finished a mini for my sis in law who is expecting her 1st child. I made her a mini to write her info in for the next 9mths. Now i am working on my 1st bottle swap. I am almost done putting it together. And then I will be making my tags for a Image Tag Swap. These 2 projects were fun to join. Here are pictures from the Summer Mini I made and I will post pictures from these other projects soon.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Glimmer Mist Storage!

So I have another storage idea to share. I have a small Glimmer Mist collection that is slowly growing. I was in the US one day and went to Target. I was walking past the bath area and found this cool wire rack and thought.... Ahha... Glimmer Mist. So here it is.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paper Craft Star

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know I entered a contest over at Papercraft Star. You were to create something from the colours posted on their blog. RED & WHITE. What better thing to use than my layout of my 1st Canada Day with my little pumkin. Here it is. Super fun. Good Luck ladies!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MIA once again

Ok so obviosly I am not very good with keeping this blog up to date. and I'm sorry. I just can't seem to find anough time in the day to get it all done. Once again I will try.

So 1st off My family and I went to WLAT DISNEY WORLD!!! back in May. We had a great time and that will be one of my upcoming projects. YAY!!! I will also be working on a mini of my daughters Gymnastics. She recieved her metal Sunday and now its time to scrap those photos.

I have made her Bday invitations. So cute. Will post those as well.

I made a few of LAURA's (Follwing the paper trail) Graduation mini. Super cute. I had so much fun making these and will definately make more of those.

And lastly I have just entered a contest over at PaperCraft Star. 1st challenge was to create something with red and white. Well a few yr back (2) my little pumpkin and I were in the Canada Parade here in Niagara Falls Canada and we used LOTS of red and white so that picture was just perfect so I entered. Check them out and enter yourself!

I'll post pictures soon. Chat later

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Clear Stamp Storage

Clear Stamps

Thanks for the tip from Leslie at Scrapofmine. She posted a video on how she organized her clear stamps. I decided to use her binder idea but a little differently. I went to the $1 store and picked up a pk of Baseball card sheets. And I placed my $1 stamp in each section. I cut pieces of white cardstock for the backing. Then I took some 4x6 album sheets and placed them in the binder for the larger stamps. I still have some clear stamps in CD cases, but I am thinking of removing them and placing them all in here. Next project. :) I also have my larger clear stamp sheet organized in the Tim Holtz pockets but I have them in a basket.
Hope this helps some of you in organizing your clear stamps.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So I've completed my next project. Well, more like organized it. I was in DESPERATE need of Distress Tools. I only owned one and removed my sponge for every Distress colour I owned. I found myself owning 15 colours so I figured it was time to do something about this tool. Here in Canada that tool would cost me around $10 if bought at Micheals, maybe a little cheaper at a local scrapbook store. So I searched Youtube for some ideas, and I found this woman in the UK that use this Jumbo childrens blocks. I seached and didn't have luck. UNTIL... I asked a carpenter friend to cut me little blocks of wood. and JOILA. Perfection. I went to the Dollarstore and picked up some velcro and glued them onto my blocks and then labeled each block. I then picked up this cute box (with coupon) at Micheals and have now organized all my Distress tools. I hope this idea helps some of you out there that want to save a $$$.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I mentioned earlier today that I would post a picture of my most recent project. I watched BONA's video a while ago and she had made a beautiful keepsake box using these cute boxes from Micheals. I picked up 1 and made this for my nieces Baptism. So pretty once it was done. I ran out and bought a few more boxes. And I went to my Dollar store and found them there too, but there were a little larger. So cute and simple to make. I used paper from a Laura Ashley line I had picked up. and used Shimmerz paints for the flowers. I will definatly make more. Thanx Bona for the tip.

A few weeks ago Arlene from Butterfly Kisses sent me a few pks of fibre. I had asked where she gets hers and saw that that they didn't ship to Canada so she was sweet enough to send me some. Here is a pic of what she sent. I went from nothing to these sweet colours.
Hi Everyone. So I've been MIA once again. Its so hard for me to get on here and write to you all the time. I'm so so bad. :( BUT I will try my best to better at it. I will be posting pic tonight of my most recent project. I made one of those VERY cute keepsake boxes that BONA did a few weeks back. I have a Christening this weekend and thought that would make a nice gift. So I will post pics of it tonight.
I also came up with a way to save a few $$$ for my Distress tools. Once I am done with organizing I will also post a pic of that as well.
I keep saying I need to learn to upload videos and still haven't been able too. I tend to hold off my husbands help, maybe I should try myself? Soon. I will try me best soon. In the meantime I will just post pics and SLIDES. Thanx everyone for passing by. Have a great day! Oh by the way. I sent Arlene a pk recently and she made a video. Go check her out.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finally a New Layout

I bought this pretty paper yesterday from Prima. Its from the Watercolour Rainbow Collection, called "Because" It have a spot for journaling and a place to put a photo. It was so pretty on it own, all I did was make a few flowers using Shimmerz paints. Cut out the letters "I love U" and added some pearls. Simple and so pretty.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Handmade Flowers

I am SOOOOO Lovin these flowers. It super easy and fast to make and the best part is you can design them anyway you want. AND save yourself a few pennies by making them your self. So I purchase this Sizzix die from Micheals last week on clearance (which was a bonus) And started making these flowers. I use 3 sets of the cut out pieces, poke a hole in the center, mini mist them with water, then attach them all, then I start to scrunch them all up one by one and then release them back down again. Once its shaped the way I like, I glimmer mist them, or stickles or what have you. I got this idea from Tracy at She made something simular with paper punched flowers, which I also tried and loved. I am still waiting for my larger punch to come in so I can make bigger ones. (You can see the few I made on my Mini just below) So I hope you enjoy this Slide I put together of THESE flowers I've created. Thanks for stoppin in. xoxo

Saturday, February 27, 2010


SUPER EXCITING NEWS FROM PRIMA. What is it you ask. I have no idea. lol. And no one will know until March 5 2010. So be on the look out of their exciting news. In the menatime, go to the Prima site and see what the hype is all about.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ok so how fun is it to make thse flowers. At first I thought, whoa crazy water, but then when I was done, I loved it. I am going to making a ton more. So here is a picture of the 2 I made for my project. I got this idea from Tracy at love to scrap. Check it out, so fun.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hi everyone. Well I've been busy latley mostly on clearing out junk from ALL around my house. I am reorganizing alot things. My scraproom too. Just downsizing. I also have seen ALOT of GREAT tips out there on some awesome flower techniques. There a few that I have seen and I will name them in another post. Right now I just wanted to write a quick hello and post my new mini I made. I bought this pad of journalling spots thinking they were cards, but realized they were sticky back. So I decided to make a mini out of them. Turned out to have VERY good questions to look back on one day and my daughter would love that keepsake. The pk had 4 sheets of each questionaire so I am giving 2 sheets to My GGS frind Kathy and I plan on putting another mini together for my daughter for the future. So she can fill her out for her kids. Hope you like what I came up with. Leave a comment if you like.
Buy guys.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

So I finally did it. I went through my scraproom and downsized. I know 2 young girls that would LOVE any sort of scrapbooking items, so I made 2 bags, mostly of cardstock, but with stickers & ribbons as well. I was holding onto stuff from such a long time ago that I really needed to get rid of. I also sorted through my magazines. I have collected so many magazines over the yrs. They were all neatly organized but just not needed. I wasn't even going through them anymore. So I got rid of 2 bags. I just kept a few. Plus there will ALWAYS be more in the stores with new ideas :) I sorted through my stamps. I had to change the basket which I store my Micheals $1.00 stamps in. I also rearranged a few other items in my room. It felt so good to purge, there's always new things entering my scraproom so this was a good thing. There are a few odds & ends that still need to be done but I should have it done by tomorrow, which I will then post pictures.
My husband and I have been trying upload my 1st video onto YouTube, but it has taken all day to do and we are still not done. Hopefully we will figure it out and oneday I will be on Youtube like the rest of you. Wish me luck. Goodnight for now, xoxo...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Its snowing here today in Niagara Falls. Its Valentines Day and its Sunday. A PERFECT day to stay indoors and snuggle with the ones you love. OR Scrap & Organize. :) lol. Ya I've snuggled here and there with my hubby and little girl, but I managed to get into my scraproom & organize some little areas and play a little too.
I watched Arlene's video on organizing her GlimmerMist.
I couldn't beleive how many she had and it was a good thing she sat down and did some organizing. She has 80 something colours, how do you keep track of that. Well she punched out these little tags, glimmer misted all of them and labled them,then placed them on a d-ring. So I decided to tackle all 15 of my glimmer mist and organize too. :) ya 15. its ok. To many for me will be a HUGE waste. I don't see myself purchasing much more, I like the colours I have. I also labled all my Distress pads. Again, an idea from Arlene.
I also organized my ribbon and the lace that my good friend Kathy sent me. Then I decided to sit and play with my NEW FOUND LOVE! SHIMMERZ. luv luv luv this stuff. I found a retailer here in Canada, so its perfect for me to order from. I only have 7 colours but as you see in my pictures, who cares, its soooooo pretty and fun to use. So of course I will be ordering more ;) And that is all I've done today. Play & organize. I've posted a slide of my organizing that I've done. Thanx Arlene for the tips.

New Video Camera from Hubby

New Video Camera from Hubby

Layout I made the other night. Here's Felicia's 1st boo-boo. She was so good, she didn't even cry, But she was so darn cute. Just had to scrap it!!!

Finished Clock :) I had fun putting this together. I new a wanted a pic of my baby girl and I HAD to put Owls. So cute. I like the way it turned out.

New clock for my scrapbook room. I plan to add photo's and embelishments . Hope it turns out well. I thought it was the perfect design for my room. Cute idea eh? I'll post a photo once it is done.

Picture of me and my layout that was posted in Canadain Scrapbooking Magazine

My layout in Canadian Scrapbooking Magazine

Kleenex Box Inspiration

Layout I made inspired from this Kleenex box

Owl pictures for Felicia's future bedroom, made them myself. Cute eh.

I had mentioned that I make fabric covered albums. So I took a photo to show you. This is the fabric I chose for Felicia. I chose the animal theme becasue that is what I had put in her room when we got it "ready for baby". And i couldn't resist, look how cute they are.

The albums I made in the past consisted of a page for all the holiday and special occassions throught out the year. So for my daughters albums I did the same and more. I am in the process of making a 3rd album just to fit all my layouts in. This is a layout I made with her newpaper clipping and her beautiful new born face and her name. Sorry the colour is so light. I also made pages to record all the special moments and milstones for the year.

I "HAD" to scrapbook this picture of my baby girl. Isn't she just so cute without any teeth. Its funny to look back at pictures and see all they didn't have or couldn't do. I plopped her up on pillows and grabbed the camera. At that time it was so easy to take a picture, now that she is ONE, ha...

Every month, for the whole year, I took a picture of my daughter in front of a huge stuffed giraffe we have to see her growth. On this particular day she was smiling away at daddy who just happen to walk in while our little photo shoot.I just had to scrapbook it, she looks so sweet. I used paper to pick up on the red outfit she is wearing and I used the paper glaze to highlight some of the dots on the paper.The letters are felt stickers.

In this layout, I just experimented with my coloured paper. Nothing special I did here. I loved her feet and had to scrapbook it :) Oh wait I did use a few rubons from stampin up and I put paper glaze on the words to make them a little glossy.

This layout was inspired by Marion from A piece of craft .com. She does amazing work and I had to try this layout. I didn't have some of the things she had so I inprovised. I tried to use the colours from the photo.This pic was taken on my daughter 1st birthday, mommy holding back the tears as everyone sang.

I used this pattern paper for inspiration here. I used the qiuckutz to cut my spiral and glued several layers together to gift it a 3D effect and I also embossed the xoxo chipboards in white. Daddy and Felicia on Canada Day.

Yay!!! I finally did it. This is one of my fav. layouts of my baby girl. I love the black & white photo and the punch of pink from the flower.

This was Felicia's 1st Canada Day, I just had to scrapbook it. I also recently purchased "The Squeeze" hand tool and used it for my layout.

I placed a red bow on her sunhat for the day and later used it for my layout. Our Walmart recently received new Kodak picture kiosks and I love that I can make my photo's so tiny.You can fit so much more on a 81/2 x 11 layout.

I love how the colour of the phot turned out in this picture, I had bought this paper a while ago and was finally able to use it. I think the two work well together.

Card I made for my mom with my new Cuttlebug that she bought for me for my bday (Dad too). Love it!!!

Another card using the cuttlebug!